Oasis of the Seas, at towering 16-decks high, 220,000 tons and with rooms for 5,400 guests (double occupancy) makes an immediate impression!

We are pleased to share with you a memorable experience of some of our senior staff members who attended the Inaugural event of the “Oasis of the Seas” this November. Averaging 16 years of experience in the Cruise Industry; well-travelled and have done several ship inspections of several cruiseships, here’s what they have to say about Oasis of the Seas.

“I’ve done a good amount of research and reading about the Oasis of the Seas, but nothing compared to seeing and experiencing the ship. I was amazed. It was beyond my expectations.” Jeremy Harrington, Director, Supplier Relations

“The ship is immense. It will probably take a week or so to fully experience it. It is a destination unto itself, a "Floating City at Sea". The ship's technology is unique and advanced you hardly feel that you are on a ship.”
Daniel Green, Senior Cruise Specialist

“Words and pictures cannot fully describe the magnificence of the ship. It stood out more than anything else I’ve seen. It is Las Vegas, Disneyland and Coney Island all in one”.
Greg Loudoun, Senior Cruise Specialist

By far the largest cruiseship in the world, Oasis of the Seas is divided into a series of "themed areas", a unique concept referred to onboard as “neighbourhoods” rather than by the traditional decks. These are: 1) Central Park, 2) Boardwalk, 3) Royal Promenade, 4) Vitality and Fitness, 5) Sports and Pools, 6) Entertainment and 7) Youth.

We invite you to explore Oasis of the Seas and the many possibilites she offers. Discover why this cruiseship appeals to a wide demographics, both to first time and seasoned cruisers.

Sanjay Goel

Sanjay Goel, President
Cruise Connections